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Rank Name Vocation Level Points
1PolattoElite Knight7015701868121
2HeartlessElite Knight4992048015585
3Lewis HamiltonElite Knight4921966162953
4Hell KnightElite Knight4911953731628
5Bruxao RushaElite Knight4461468530761
6Sir StrongholdElite Knight4421426063881
7Andrius KellMaster Sorcerer4251262346646
8Dara De BoltRoyal Paladin4161183044241
9Telme VoipElite Knight4071113297675
10NiiklausRoyal Paladin4071111109548
11FaroukxzMaster Sorcerer4041087915731
12ShukzRoyal Paladin4021069262802
13MatildaElite Knight4001054897483
14AbnadabeRoyal Paladin4001050868169
15MosufeteRoyal Paladin4001050843285
16DalaixzElder Druid3991050737040
17Gardian HellElite Knight3981040163190
18TeubaudoRoyal Paladin3971030958850
19LawkzElite Knight3971029568528
20ImperfidianElite Knight3961023938497
21LeclercElite Knight3961022786489
22Soul SithElite Knight3951011904977
23LorycatRoyal Paladin3941011313338
24O BrahmaMaster Sorcerer3941004110394
25Merra OliaElder Druid391981855929
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